American Girl

Written by Nancy Hollyoke, Illustrated by Brigette Barrager
Published by American Girl 2014 & 2015

Medium: Photoshop, Ink textures

A Smart Girl’s Guide to Money
Making Money: A How-To Guide
A Smart Girl’s Guide to Drama

Despite the fact that it is actually three distinct books, all the work runs together in my memory. A Smart Girl’s Guide to Money, Making Money: A How-To Guide, and A Smart Girl’s Guide to Drama were part of the A Smart Girl’s Guide series released by American Girl. These books give practical advice on relevant subjects for the contemporary tween girl, like how to handle gossip at school, or how to make money pet sitting. 

Creatively, they were an opportunity to flex my design muscles, since there was so much text and graphic design to consider on each page. I had the pleasure of drawing girls of all descriptions – different shapes, sizes, shades, hues, outfits, personalities, and emotions – whew! I got to see these on the shelf at the American Girl Store, too, which was a super cool experience!

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