Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy prints of your art?

Gallery Nucleus sells many prints of my work.

Do you have any original book illustrations for sale?

No, and it’s not because I’m stingy. It’s because MOST of my book illustration work is a hybrid of real materials that have been manipulated digitally – so there really isn’t a real “original” piece of artwork that exists. I certainly do have real drawings and paintings from some, but not all books. 

Where can I buy your books?

Wherever books are sold!

Does the entity I purchase a book from impact you?

No. My royalty rate is the same no matter where you purchase one of my books. That said, I suggest that you purchase from your local independent bookstore. If they do not have the book you want in stock, they will happily order a copy for you. 

I’m an author, will you illustrate my book?

All book illustration inquiries should be directed to Kirsten Hall at Catbird Agency. You can check out her agency site here!

Please be aware that I do not illustrate book projects on spec, or for private individuals. 

Nothing personal, I’m sure your book idea is lovely. I’m just trying to make a living!

I’m a student, will you answer some questions for my project?

Probably not. I just don’t have that kind of time anymore. But I wish you all the luck!

I’ve done my best to populate this website with lots of information, so I hope you can find whatever you need here. 

Wait, you went to animation school but you don’t work in animation?

That’s right. I do some animation freelance once in a while, if the project is a good fit for me. 

But now you teach at that same animation school that you went to?

Yep. I don’t care that it doesn’t seem to make sense. I really enjoy teaching the introverts of the animation department, and I’ll probably do it for a very long time. 

When is your next in person event?

Please join my mailing list for updates! I won’t send you spam! Only fun things!

How can I reach you if I have other questions?

Please email me here:

Want to know even more?

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