Cat Snack #1 and Cat Snack #2

2021, Pencil and Ink
Cat Snack #1 SOLD
Cat Snack #2 Inquire

These two kitties were made for a group exhibition at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland called XOXO Art Show! I hadn’t done a gallery group show for quite a while at the point that I asked to participate, and I was feeling mysteriously tired at the time and couldn’t figure out why (spoiler: I was pregnant with twins). I remember thinking “Jeez I really don’t have it in me to do a whole PAINTING and get out all my paints…I’d rather just do a fun drawing and slap some ink on it!” I still love these pieces. Do you have a cat? Does your cat eat your houseplants, and then vomit up the little plant pieces all over your house? Mine do. This is my homage to those ridiculous furry little people that for some reason I can’t help but love.

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