Fab Four

2012, Acrylic on Board

This painting was part of a group exhibition at Gallery Nucleus called All Together Now: A Tribute to the Beatles. I am of course a Beatles fan, and narrowing my own fandom down to WHICH iconic era to illustrate was no small feat. I went classic, early Beatles: the iconic haircuts, suits, and BOOTS! When I finished this painting I was especially attached to it, , and wanted to keep it. This is pretty much the opposite of what most folks involved in art shows are trying to accomplish: You’re trying to sell some art! It’s a gallery, after all! I decided to price this painting VERY high, TOO high, astronomically high, to ensure that no one would buy it. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I arrived at the gallery opening night to see that it had sold! 

Fast forward a little while, and I found that the new owner of the painting had tagged me on instagram, and again you could have knocked me right over – it was the artist Shag! Shag bought my painting?! Apparently, his wife is a huge Beatles fan and collects Beatles artwork, and she now has it hanging in her office. You usually never know who the buyers of your work are, and this was just such a cool twistaroo of both knowing and being enormously flattered. 

Prints of this piece are still available from Gallery Nucleus.

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