Flavia de Luce

2012, Acrylic on Board

This painting was part of a group exhibition in France, I think? I forget the name of the show, the gallery, and the organizers…but I DO remember that this painting got stuck in customs, cost the gallery a lot to get OUT of customs, and then had to be sent back to me anyway because it didn’t sell. Sometimes it just goes like that. I also remember that the theme of the show was literary characters – characters from books! Flavia de Luce is the twelve year old crime solving sleuth in the Flavia de Luce mysteries, of which there are many books now. Her character is just so darn cool, very much worth a read if you love mysteries, crimes, and tween age heroines. This is exactly how I picture her: unassuming, a bit spooky, but also with a look of KNOWING about her that can put you on edge. These stories take place in the 1950’s, in the post war english countryside too…what a setting! If the publisher of these books ever wants to do an illustrated edition, please do get in touch – I have the whole world living in my head and just itching to be put on paper!

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