My Wish for You

Written by Kathryn Hahn, Illustrated by Brigette Barrager

Published by Scholastic, 2019
Medium: Photoshop

Kathryn had written an essay for Lenny Letter, a now defunct newsletter, that was formatted as a letter to her young daughter. In it she reflects on how authentic her daughter – then 6 – was capable of being. She was so herself, in a way that children are, and that often gets lost as we grow up. Here is a link to an interview where Kathryn speaks to this in detail: I fully support being fully yourself, and it wasn’t hard to see how strong and necessary that message is.

Now that I have my own daughters I feel the message of this book even more strongly than I did then. 

 I did get to meet Kathryn at a bookstore event we did together for My Wish for You. She smelled AMAZING, like an expensive and beautiful oak tree.

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