Orchard Ballet Stories for Young Children

Written by Saviour Pirotta, Illustrated by Brigette Barrager

Published by Hachette, 2016

Medium: Photoshop 

When I was young, I took about eight years of classical ballet lessons, performed in many a seasonally themed ballet as a ballet student, and still have a soft spot in my heart for these classic stories: Cinderella, Coppelia, Swan Lake, The Firebird, Sleeping Beauty and of course The Nutcracker. This book was such a great thematic fit for me. Then, about halfway through working on it my dad passed away very suddenly, and time stopped. When I was able to regroup and continue working, it was extremely difficult to focus, and the deadlines were repeatedly pushed. It felt like it would never be finished (of course it was eventually). 

Although some of the illustrations in this one are still favorites of mine, it’s difficult to revisit because I associate it with my father’s passing. Orchard Ballet Stories for Young Children has only been released in the United Kingdom, so I’ve never experienced seeing this book on a shelf. I’d love to someday have the opportunity to revisit illustrating these treasured stories. 

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