There is just one moon... and one golden sun

2011, Acrylic on board

These paintings, meant to be a complimentary pair, were part of a group exhibition at Gallery Nucleus. The theme was It’s a Small World – that’s right, like the ride at Disneyland! I had a lot of fun with this one, especially with the color: I love how the two panels are the inverse colors of each other, so they complement one another. The flowers were the best bit, and I continued to draw and paint flowers like these long after. 

I still do. 

When I began to do sketches for Uni the Unicorn, I asked if the author had any specific ideas about what the little girl character should look like, and Amy referred to these paintings. She said she really liked the designs of the children (which are my take on Mary Blair’s designs of children). I was happily surprised, and the little girl in Uni retained these adorable proportions.

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