What’s Your Favorite Food?

Written By Eric Carle, Co-illustrated by Brigette Barrager

Published by Henry Holt and Co, 2019
Medium: Photoshop, Ink Textures

What’s your Favorite Food? was a wonderful group project between myself, 12 other illustrators, and the renowned Eric Carle! Being invited to take part in a book project like this is a real honor, but it is also very FUN! As an illustrator you’re usually solely responsible for the to only be responsible for one spread in a book! Since you don’t have to be concerned about continuity or story, you’re able to enter a more playful mindset. 

It’s clear that the other illustrators felt the joy of this project too, you can feel the energy in each page. My spread was about berries, which remain my favorite food! Nothing beats a freshly picked, perfectly ripe blackberry right off the prickly vine. I used to pick them in my childhood backyard and put them in an old easter basket, much like this grinning green haired impish gal.

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