Why Don’t You Clean Your Room, Mom?

2017, Pencil on Paper

This drawing was part of the Star vs The Forces of Evil Tribute Exhibition at Gallery Nucleus. The creator of Star, Daron Nefcy, is a good friend of mine, so of course I agreed to participate. I had seen the pilot of Star because Daron had shown it to us, but I actually hadn’t seen any episodes that had aired up to that point, so I watched as much of it as was available as “research”. My favorite characters are always ones like these: weird dudes that get up to some funny background nonsense, and Oskar was THAT character in this show. In fact, he reminded me of a lot of my former fellow art school students.  In one episode he is singing a song on his keytar, and the words are “Why don’t you clean your room, Mom?” and I just thought “I’m doing a drawing of that.” 

Daron has this drawing, so everytime I go to her house I see it hanging in her dining room.

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